Works by Liu Jiu Tong and Richard MacDonald to go on show at Opera Gallery in Hong Kong

Opera Gallery Hong Kong is thrilled to announce its Autumn exhibition showcasing celebrated Chinese abstract painter Liu Jiu Tong alongside a collection of figurative sculptures by American artist Richard MacDonald. Interplaying the abstract and the figurative, Liu Jiu Tong’s unrestrained landscapes are inspired by renowned Chinese poets of the Warring States and Tang Dynasty. Eluding to form, Liu expresses a lyricism swathed in tenacious layers of paint, vigorously applied and condensed onto canvas like a fleeting moment trapped between open fingers. Born in 1977 in Suide, a province of northern China, Liu graduated from the Art Institute of Xi’an and continued his studies in Beijing. Growing from the highlands of northwest of China with giant mountains and fields makes Liu’s oil painting full of heroic spirit. Inspired further from his later travels, old charming buildings of Shanghai and

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