WOAW opens Rostarr exhibition ‘Introspectives’

Curated by Kevin Poon and WOAW team, WOAW presents Rostarr ‘Introspectives’ art show this summer. New York City artist Roman K Yang-Rostarr, with an impressive resume of work that goes back for many years, carries on what he calls an ‘Introspectives’ for his latest show. He invites viewers to hop on a journey to experience his ideas and innermost thoughts through showcasing previous and never-before-seen pieces of different mediums. Known as an abstract painter and calligrapher, Rostarr’s introspective features work based on faces and characters with bold images and colors. His attention to materials and medium allows viewers to explore his introspection through handmade paper, sumi ink and more. Rostarr’s work often sees himself return to his deepest, innermost thoughts, inviting us to reflect on our own ideas and feelings.

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