Wilding Cran Gallery opens exhibitions of works by Marty Schnapf and Maria Lynch

Wilding Cran Gallery presents Fissures in the Fold, an exhibition of new paintings by multidisciplinary artist Marty Schnapf. Schnapf’s approach to painting follows the belief that concepts and methods thought to be incompatible usually do not contradict one another but instead offer opportunities to embrace unlikely combinations that disturb complacent viewing and elude normative interpretation. Each painting follows it’s own dimensional illogic. The interposition of figures and spaces, mercurial but insistent, suggests a certain frailty of reality. Florescent apparitions haunt the scenes like auras or oil spills seemingly unnoticed by the inhabitants. These tenants of overlapping realities confront viewers with knowing impudence, leaving them to sort, on their own, through the complex psychosexual content portrayed. The paintings unfold with time but never reveal

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