Vintage Moroccan rugs offer a contemporary look with traditional cultural appeal

This Spring, vintage Moroccan rugs have been experiencing a surge in popularity: From fashion houses like Lanvin and Tory Burch, who referenced traditional Moroccan weaving in their recent collections, to top interior designers like Markham Roberts and Tom Scheerer, who utilize the minimalist, contemporary look of Moroccan rugs in their clients homes, today's most stylish professionals are drawing inspiration from this traditional African craft. It's easy to see why so many high-profile designers are drawn to these one-of-a-kind rugs: They range from spare and geometric, composed in contemporary palettes of cream and charcoal, to vibrant and lush, with jewel-toned, fluffy pile, reminiscent of the psychedelic shag rugs of the 1960's, but with an indigenous authenticity. They are unfussy yet luxurious; cozy, yet artful. They evince the sort of comfortable ele

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