Victoria Miro Gallery opens its third solo exhibition by Varda Caivano

BonhamsVictoria Miro announces its third solo exhibition with Varda Caivano, which comprises works that suggest lines of evolution, of continuity and departure, in her practice. A selection of recent painting and work on paper displays the abiding capacity of the artist’s work to strike a subtle balance between the materiality of paint and its emotional and figurative resonances, her deftly composed, gestural forms at once irreducible and infinitely evocative. There is the lively feeling that these surfaces are the composite expression of actions rooted in the bodily logic of inhabiting space. In her handling of paint, Caivano is drawn by the writer Georges Perec’s poetic litanies of the everyday tasks of dwelling, their layers evoking the textures of experience: “cleaning checking trying out changing fitting signing waiting imagining inventing investing deciding bending folding stooping

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