Vibrant new body of work by Ali Silverstein on view at Albertz Benda

Albertz Benda is presenting Ali Silverstein: To Put on the Edge, a Table, the Los Angeles-based artist’s first solo show in New York, on view in the project space from October 27 through December 17, 2016. For her inaugural exhibition at the gallery, Silverstein shows a vibrant new body of work that stems from her practice of gesture and reponse. Silverstein explores impulse and desire through a continuous process of painting, cutting, and layering canvas. Each work is the product of a session or a “happening” - a constant push and pull between control and freedom, hyperawareness and automatism. Reacting to the necessity of the moment, Silverstein’s work recalls the spirit of abstract expressionism and action painting. Silverstein has been mining the world of BDSM, utilizing the power dynamics of domination and submission in her creative process. Using

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