‘Versus’ by visual artists PichiAvo on view at Underdogs Gallery

Underdogs Gallery is presenting “Versus”, a solo exhibition by Spanish visual artists Pichi & Avo in Lisbon, Portugal. In addition to the exhibition, the artists will create a mural piece in Lisbon. Featuring a body of works that comprises both large- and small-scale paintings, drawings, and sculptures, PichiAvo’s first exhibition at Underdogs Gallery presents a scenographic setting that materialises the artists’ original dialectic approach based on a dialoguing combination between different elements that results in an entirely new visual landscape. Feeding off a “material tradition of pictorial production and physical intervention in spaces” that blends the ancient harmony of classical art with the calligraphic rebelliousness of modern graffiti, “Versus” is a visual journey that celebrates the atemporal nature of the creative act. According to the exhibition text by Fran Picazo: “Co

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