Valter Luca Signorile’s first one-man show opens at MACT/CACT Ticino

KEIN KÖRPER (No Body) is the title that Valter Luca Signorile (1965) has chosen for his first one-man show at the MACT/CACT, which follows up on several participations in thematic exhibitions in the same venue. KEIN KÖRPER also constitutes the synthesis between many of the topics on which this Piemontese artist has been working for years and which all contribute to piecing the overall dimension of his work together and putting it into context: i.e. superimposing his personal, internal and intimate involvement on his political and civic experience and consequently melding them together. Signorile is part of the increasingly densely populated legion of artists who have never attended an art school or academy, shifting didactic criteria onto their personal interests and piecing their art together without being obliged to comply with a school of thought deriving from the academies, which

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