US artist Jeff Koons, controversies and complaints

US artist Jeff Koons, whose "Rabbit" fetched $91.1 million at auction in a record for a living artist, has regularly attracted scandal across a career lived in the full glare of the media. Koons shocked the art world in the early 1990s with the "Made in Heaven" series of works depicting himself in sexually explicit poses with the Italian porn star Cicciolina, whom he married in 1991. He and Ilona Staller -- Cicciolina's real name -- who was also a one-time member of the Italian parliament, divorced in the glare of the tabloids in 1994. Koons has regularly been accused of plagiarism, particularly over a 1988 series of sculptures called "Banality" but he defends himself as an artist of appropriation. In 1992, he was found guilty of copyright infringement in the United States for basing the sculpture "String of Puppies" (1988) on a black-and-white photograph by Art Rogers called "Puppies".

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