Tonico Lemos’ first exhibition in a public UK gallery opens at De La Warr Pavilion

In his first solo exhibition for a UK public gallery, Brazilian artist Tonico Lemos Auad presents a lyrical response to the natural environment and architecture of De La Warr Pavilion. Inspired by the sea, the coast and gardening, Auad draws together recent sculptural works with a new commission subtly exploring ideas around faith, resistance, mending and repairing, and the endeavour to overcome adversity. Auad disregards material value to create expressive, often transient forms using a wide range of materials, from the ephemeral and everyday to the precious and enduring. Notions of luck, traditional anecdotes, chance, and the supernatural pervade a practice that is also a darker exploration of existence, the brevity of life and nearness of death. At De La Warr Pavilion, Auad presents several recent works that are poetic yet playful

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