Tomaso Binga and Greta Schödl’s first UK exhibition opens at Richard Saltoun Gallery

Richard Saltoun Gallery presents the first UK exhibition of Tomaso Binga and Greta Schödl, the female pioneers of the Poesía Visuale (visual poetry) movement. Both incorporate text to conjure a unique visual language, which they developed to assert their identity as women artists. Greta Schödl (b.1929, Hollabrunn, Austria) moved to Bologna in the late 50s, where women artists were a rarity. After marrying Dino Gavina, designer and friend of Lucio Fontana, she ceased her practice for seven years to raise a family. Over the past five decades Schödl produced an extensive oeuvre and now, aged 89, she continues to work in her Bologna studio. Schödl’s delicate and intricate works scale from postcard size to over 3 meters long. Geometric forms and bold colours are interwoven with written words, repeated obsessively until they appear abstract. Gold leaf, wire and

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