Thomas Dane Gallery introduces Bruce Conner’s BREAKAWAY (1966) to a London audience for the first time

Following presentations of Bruce Conner’s films such as CROSSROADS (1976) in June 2015, A MOVIE (1958) in May 2017, and EASTER MORNING (2008) in Naples, January 2018, Thomas Dane Gallery introduces BREAKAWAY (1966) to a London audience for the first time. Conner was one of the foremost American artists of the twentieth century, whose transformative work addressed facets of post-war American society, from a rising consumer culture to the dread of nuclear apocalypse. Working in a range of media, Conner created photography, collage and graphic work alongside hybrids of painting and sculpture, film and performance. Conventionally lesser known within this diverse practice were Conner’s films, which have been reappraised as an iconic, experimental and independent body of work. Conner began making short-films from the late-1950s and created BREAKAWAY in 1966. The film comprises two distinct halves which feature the perfo

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