The Mesdag Collection exhibits contemporary art revealing the majesty and tempestuousness of the sea

From 14 September 2018 to 6 January 2019, The Mesdag Collection in The Hague presents The Sensation of the Sea: In honour of Bas Jan Ader. In this new exhibition, guest curator Joanna De Vos invites international artists to engage with The Mesdag Collection. The majesty and tempestuousness of the sea plays the lead role in this dialogue, with the sea providing an inexhaustible source of inspiration to all of the participating contemporary artists. The exhibition features works by numerous international artists, including Bill Viola, Nan Goldin and Jan Dibbets. The artworks represent an enormous range of disciplines, and some works were even created especially for the exhibition. Odes to In Search of the Miraculous, the 1975 performance by Dutch artist Bas Jan Ader, are a significant theme running through The Sensation of the Sea. Hendrik Willem Mesdag was a pre-eminent seascape painter. The artist moved to The Hague in 1869

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