The Kröller-Müller Museum presents ‘Seurat: Master of Pointillism’ exhibition

His Majesty the King opened the exhibition Seurat. Master of pointillism at the Kröller-Müller Museum on 22 May. Georges Seurat (Paris 1859-1891) rose to prominence as the father of neo-impressionism. With his paintings composed of countless tiny dots – or points – of paint and his keen interest in scientific colour theories, he developed a new form of aesthetics. During his short career, he died at the early age of thirty-one, Seurat painted about fifty works in this new style, with which he sought to depict the world around him reduced to its essence. He found the themes for his work in the modern Paris life and on the coast of northern France, where he spent his summers. For the first time, the museum is showing the Seurat paintings from its own collection, such as the raucous Le Chahut and the tranquil seascapes of Honfleur, Port-en-Bessin and Gravelines, in a broader context. The exhibition includes twenty-three

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