The Game Changer

While Midtown real estate continues to go through the roof, one smart gallerist has staked her claim to the action. Isabella Court anchor Kerry Inman %26mdash; whose Inman Gallery was the original art tenant in 2004 %26mdash; remains in her recently revamped digs but has scored a prime piece of property blocks east of Isabella, within an easy stroll of neighboring DiverseWorks and convenient to the new arts complex MATCH, opening date TBD). The new Bermac Arts represents a preservation story of a 1940s-era building (which is thought to be the recycling of a much older mansion) married to a 1960s addition, both clad in signature Mies van der Rohe brick. Bermac%26rsquo;s past tenants included namesake founders Nell A. Berleth and F.L. McNutt, Rice grads who had the novel mid-century idea of bundling business services for the new one-man office, an ahead-of-its-time concept that earned a 1954 Business Week feature. Later, the complex served as HQ for Mickey Leland%26rsquo;s campaign for Congress %26mdash; a cause supported by the de Menils. The rehab of the 23,000-square-foot dual structures came in at seven figures, but Inman has brisk demand for the 30 studio spaces and exhibition space (available for short-term lease; the first tenant is the Mitchell Center next spring). Notable creatives/current and future tenants flocking to Bermac include Dario Robleto, Jillian Conrad, Eric Zimmerman, Carrithers Studio filmmakers, Brooke Stroud, Hana Hillerova and Dana Harper. Come January, the Glassell School of Art%26rsquo;s Core Fellows will move in while they await a new home %26mdash; which is perfect, given that Inman was the first dealer to show Core Program talents in-depth some 20 years ago. 4101 San Jacinto St., 713.239.0446.

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