The Fundació Joan Miró presents the photography exhibition From a Pixel, a Poem by Cloe Masotta

“In his poems, his plays, his film scripts... in short, in everything he created, Joan Brossa always quoted the key principle of his muchadmired Leopoldo Fregoli: art is life and life is transformation”. Cloe Masotta takes to the street armed with this premise and her mobile phone, setting out to capture any object, text, shade or colour capable of attracting her attention and triggering a moment of surprise or revelation. “Once framed”, Masotta concludes, “reality is transformed and generously lends itself to a poetic twist. And if reality depends on how you look at it, nothing is what it appears to be.” The foyer of the Fundació Joan Miró, devoted to amateur photography, is the venue for the exhibition From a Pixel, a Poem by Cloe Masotta, a selection of thirty snapshots she has published on Instagram since 19 January 2014. The exhibition is presented

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