The Fine Art Society exhibits etchings and lithographs by the British-American artist Gerald Brockhurst RA

Born in Birmingham in 1890, Brockhurst showed promising signs of his artistic talent while very young: the then headmaster of the Birmingham School of Art even announced he had discovered "a young Botticelli”. It was there that he encountered the work of the Pre-Raphaelite painters which, alongside his interest in the Italian Renaissance masters, would provide an ample source of inspiration for the formation of his style. Brockhurst was one of the most successful portrait painters in London during his lifetime, but he was also an accomplished draughtsman and etcher. At a time when the market for contemporary etching was growing, he quickly mastered the technique and published his first prints in 1920 (Mélisande, The Mirror, Henry Rushbury, and Yolande, among others from this early period, are included in this exhibition). Translating his work from oil to ink, he produced exceptionally detailed

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