The Cleveland Museum of Art announces stellar group of new acquisitions

Recent acquisitions by the Cleveland Museum of Art include a monumental 18th-century Chinese landscape painting; a 16th-century Mannerist painting by Maso da San Friano; 38 photographs of the Indian Rebellion; a selection of works on paper by influential Latin American artists; and a contemporary sculpture by celebrated artist Simone Leigh. Created by artist Yuan Yao, Cantilevered Road to Shu is among the largest and most successful landscape paintings produced by the Yuan studios in 18th-century Yangzhou. It’s a pivotal and important work that represents China’s last flourishing period in the arts before the modern era. Few other works by the Yuan masters present an equally monumental and continuous composition of such scale. Cantilevered Road to Shu depicts the trade of goods over long distances and through mountainous terrain. Travelers lead heavily loaded mules over

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