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Janet Aguirre, "Get In Line"

Instead of choosing between her love of art and her fascination with science, El Centro student Janet Aguirre combines her two passions.

”œThe world of medicine stole my heart for the purpose of help others. Although, my eyes and hands continued to admire my long lost love- art,” she says.

At a young age Aguirre began drawing. She would spend her free time at the chalkboard sketching. But, it was not until her early teens when her father was diagnosed with heart disease that she became interested in science. She has since fused her scientific studies with her drawings and would like to continue studying both. Her anatomy classes often serve as inspiration for her sketches and mixed media work by offering a new perspective of lines, function, and color.

”œI love picking up my Gray’s Anatomy and attempting to sketch an identical,” she says. ”œIt can never be done. I didn’t say it was impossible, just that I can’t duplicate an identical because the pencil in my hand will be distracted by an opposing force.”

Aguirre describes her art as ”œunpredictable series of doodles.” When detailing her work she often uses anatomical descriptions. Much like describing a skeleton, Aguirre notes the ”œspinal cord” of her pieces and credits watercolors or colored pencils as ”œthe muscle.”

For the Edith Baker Art Scholarship Exhibit, Aguirre has chosen a self-portrait, which she says expresses her personality. The piece is a collage of scanned images, markers, magazine images, pencils that have been manipulated with Photoshop.

”œI have learned from this experience. Applying for this scholarship has pushed me to develop my professional resume,” Aguirre says. ”œAnd, to continue working with other artist has helped me to stay on the same route.”

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