The Art of Collection

It is over 350 years since Vermeer was creating his masterpieces and the art world has changed significantly in that time. Since Picasso, since Pollock, and even more recently Eva Hesse were putting brush to canvas, the art world has evolved and grown. The onset of the internet and growth of contemporary popular art, film, video and electronically produced sound have played a major role in this evolution. Despite such flux, one thing has remained constant: the fundamental impulse to collect and consume art. But what are the qualities of art which drive this? The desire to collect art emerged from a complex amalgamation of connoisseurship and pleasure in artistic creation on the one hand, and investment and status-building on the other. In my view, the former defines a great collector. When considering the role of art as an investment it is important to ponder the unique qualities and characteristics that art possesses. Art collecting has a history that spans millennia. Ancient romans,

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