That’s a WOW!

It%26rsquo;s been 14 years in the making, but now the wait is over. As we head to press, the lights are being turned on at Houston%26rsquo;s newest piece of public art:%26nbsp;sculptor Tim Glover%26rsquo;s Light Garden. The graceful 25-feet-tall twin stainless-steel structures resemble tree branches sprouting pods of colored light (which can be choreographed in endless hues), and they beam upon the gateway to our city%26rsquo;s restaurant and club corridor, sited at the nexus of Washington Avenue and Westcott in a specially configured traffic circle/roundabout monikered WOW (Washington on Westcott). The $2.6 million project %26mdash; which represents city funding for the street engineering and contributions from private citizens and foundations for the green space and public art %26mdash; creates an impressive gateway to a booming area where night life had often taken over civic planning. Set amid a handsome stand of native trees and shrubs devised by landscape architect Keiji Asakura (the firm also designed the surrounding park), the WOW is a big wow. A third Glover tree of lights will rise in late 2012, once the final $175,000 is raised. Contributions


IMAGE: Tim Glover%26rsquo;s Light Garden, 2012, Washington at Westcott. Photo Monica Savino.

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