Taxidermy Nation

It%26rsquo;s beetles galore %26mdash; and other members of the phylum arthropoda, for internationally exhibited, highly decorated University of Wisconsin art professor Jennifer Angus. She turns taxidermy towards the insect world, crafting wildly beautiful installations with a side of Victoriana. Angus, we%26rsquo;ve just learned, has been commissioned by Houston Arts Alliance board chair Marc Melcher for a site-specific installation in his own residence %26mdash; a project managed by Lea Weingarten%26rsquo;s Weingarten Art Group, who represents Angus%26rsquo; elaborate insectoriums in Texas. (We hope we%26rsquo;re invited over.) The artist gathers her specimens mostly from Thailand and Malaysia, and she wants the viewer to wonder about %26ldquo;smaller creatures who have an important role in the ecosystem to play.%26rdquo; Angus artwork and commissions through Weingarten Art Group; inquiries

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