Tate creates Minecraft worlds based on paintings and sculptures in the collection

Tate has teamed up with leading Minecraft mapmakers to create virtual 3-D worlds inspired by artworks. The virtual environments or ‘maps’ known as Tate Worlds are based on paintings and sculptures in the Tate Collection. Players of the video game can explore and undertake activities and challenges that relate to the themes of the art work, or explore how they were made. The first Tate Worlds maps are available to download for free online at www.tate.org.uk/tateworlds. Focusing on the theme of ‘Cities’ the first two maps are inspired by AndrĂ© Derain’s 1906 painting of London, The Pool of London, and Christopher Nevinson’s 1920 painting of New York, Soul of the Soulless City. Tate Worlds offers gamers a unique experience combining art, history and adventure. In Tate Worlds: Soul of the Soulless City, inspired by the futurist-style

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