Take the Scenic Route – Annual gallery event now involves almost as much driving as strolling

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September 16, 2006

By MIKE DANIEL, StaffWriter

The Dallas Art Dealers Association turns 21 this year, but it’s not throwing a rip-roaring art party after the Fall Gallery Walk.

Last year’s Latin-themed shindig raised money for the then-inaugural Edith Baker Art Scholarship and Artist Career Development Fund as well as wrapped the popular annual self-guided gallery tour. This time around donation boxes at each of the event’s 35 official stops will be the only weekend gesture for scholarship fundraising.

That’s not to say that the association’s signature season-opening event is struggling – far from it. Membership is at its highest level ever, and it now includes several of the city’s major art museums. But the geographic migration of many top commercial galleries from Uptown to the Dallas Design District (and, increasingly, the opening of new spaces there such as Marty Walker Gallery and Holly Johnson Gallery) has decentralized the event so much that the term “walk” no longer really applies.

The Fall Gallery Walk is now a drive-and-stroll proposition, especially since few of the major Deep Ellum galleries are involved and an alternative bank of late-evening events has cropped up in Exposition Park this year.

We suggest you start the tour, which runs Saturday from 2 to 8 p.m., at a gallery in North. Dallas and work your way south. Be in the Design District by 6 p.m., when the formal openings will be roaring. Then head for Exposition Avenue when the walk officially ends.

Event brochures will be available at any venue participating in the gallery walk.

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