Stone’s Throw: New book offers a fresh narrative on Félix González-Torres

Secretary Press announces the publication of its latest book, Stone’s Throw [ISBN: 9780997120608, March 7, 2016, paperback, $28.99] by art historian, critic and curator David Deitcher. This multi-layered text describes the social, political and personal context that framed the emergence of one of the most critically acclaimed artists of the late-20th century, Felix Gonzalez-Torres. Stone’s Throw attests to the importance of relationships forged throughout the most challenging years of the North American AIDS crisis, as Deitcher recounts his friendships with Gonzalez-Torres, with the activist curator Bill Olander, and the milieu to which they belonged. The title, Stone’s Throw, refers to the resonating effects on the author of a single sentence by Carl Andre: “My sculptures are masses and their subject is matter.” Gonzalez-Torres brought that sentence to the author’s attention soon after Deitcher

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