Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam presents recently acquired works by Steve McQueen

As of February 27, 2015, the Stedelijk Museum will exhibit two recently acquired works by British artist and film director Steve McQueen. The works, titled Running Thunder (2007) and Mees, After Evening Dip, New Year’s Day, 2002 (2005) were acquired in 2014 and will be displayed in a museum for the first time. They will be shown along with the sculpture Broken Column (2014), on loan at the museum. Running Thunder is a silent film showing a motionless horse lying in a sunny meadow. Blades of grass shiver in the breeze. Nothing happens – and yet we are enthralled. Is the horse alive and sleeping? Is this scene one of tranquility, or one of unflinching disquiet? When finally a fly stops to rest on the eye of the animal and the horse doesn’t blink, we realize it has been dead for quite a while.

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