State Museum and Exhibition center Rosphoto opens exhibition of works from The Minsk School of Photography

The exhibition “Minsk School of Photography” presents a key phenomenon in the history of Belarusian photography of the second part of the XX century. The display comprises more then 150 pieces from the collection of the State Museum and Exhibition center ROSPHOTO. The works by the Belarusian photographers have come into ROSPHOTO’s possession at different times and have been obtained from different sources. The first picture was acquired in 2002, the year when ROSPHOTO was founded. Eventually, due to the increase of the number of works, a collection of Belarusian photography was formed. The largest and the most comprehensive acquisition took place in 2013, when the museum became the owner of more than 700 artworks, representing the oeuvre of 14 Minsk-based photographers. Thus, ROSPHOTO’s collection now features the works by the most notable representatives, the key figures of the Belarusian

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