Startled marmot and a fox lead the way at Wildlife Photography Awards

Titled “The Moment,” the picture shows a Tibetan fox about to pounce on an almost comically startled-looking marmot. The image earned Chinese photographer Yongqing Bao the wildlife photographer of the year award at the Natural History Museum in London. One of 19 photographs honored by the museum, the picture spread widely online after the awards were announced Tuesday. But while the image may have granted the marmot its 15 minutes of fame, the rodent did not survive its encounter with the fox, according to the BBC. The museum described the picture as “a powerful frame of both humor and horror” that “captures the drama and intensity of nature.” “This compelling picture captures nature’s ultimate challenge — its battle for survival,” Michael Dixon, the director of the Natural History Museum, said in a statement announcing the winners. “Photographically, it is

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