Solo exhibition of work by Chantelle Stephenson on view at 43 Inverness Street

43 Inverness Street is presenting TANk, a solo exhibition of work by Chantelle Stephenson. The untitled art works in TANk are referred to by the artist as ‘painted objects’; they act as sculptures and contain a tactility that make them stand in their own space. They may appear minimal and delicate in their colour palette and materials used, but they contain an undercurrent of discipline and strength. Colour is stripped down to the essentials of black and white in order to reveal the depths, tones and textures that a single colour can contain. The careful composition of the tones and textures of black and white focuses the eye on the controlled movement of the artistic hand and the physicality of the materials that the paint rests on – linen, silk, wood, and steel. In the untitled works of her Tank Series (2012), the paintings on wood are hung above eye level allowing the viewer to feel

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