Solo exhibition of Swiss-Italian artist Cesare Lucchini’s works opens at rosenfeld porcini

rosenfeld porcini is presenting the third solo exhibition of Swiss-Italian artist Cesare Lucchini at the gallery. ‘La Pietà’ the iconic image of Christ’s inert body being supported by the Virgin Mary is one of the most emotionally charged images in all Western Art and also one of the most moving testimonies to human compassion. ‘Compassion’ is not a word one would associate with Cesare Lucchini’s paintings, yet, for their apparent cry of desperation, they also represent a cry for kindness. The overriding theme of his works is to pose, in a highly emotional way, the question, ‘why’? Why are these people alone and abandoned? In a western world dominated by an alarming shift to the political right where any form of moderation is immediately shouted down; where episodes of racism are on the rise, Cesare Lucchini addresses the ultimate solitude inherent

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