Solo exhibition by Oreet Ashery on view at waterside contemporary

waterside contemporary is presenting Animal with a Language, a solo exhibition by Oreet Ashery, her first with the gallery. Animal with a Language engages with ‘rage against reason’, an attempt to foreground agency against a backdrop of prevailing flatline economies. In the exhibition, degraded actions and material forms, the political unconscious, body languages of exile and the salvage of utopian moments interact. Within a flesh toned environment, hypnotic sound, text, videos and assemblages, Ashery’s objects and actors acquire meaning through associative transmission and direct expression. The gallery space becomes a codified system for the flow of subconscious excess, exhaustive languages of protest, grassroots actions and questionable cultural appropriations. Reactivating The Clean and The Unclean, the protagonists of Vladimir Mayakovsky’s revolutionary 1921

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