So bad, they’re good: Madrid celebrates trash films

You'd think the prospect of bad acting, a terrible script and rock-bottom directing would put movie buffs off. But if Madrid's CutreCon trash film festival is anything to go by -- you'd be wrong. Lured by such films as the musical "Nudist Colony of the Dead" and Bollywood's "Action Jackson", some 3,500 people turned up at the five-day event. They also came to see one of the holy grails of the bad film world: "Troll 2" -- with its rating of just six percent on review site Rotten Tomatoes, is considered one of the worst movies ever. CutreCon, which ended Sunday, is one of several festivals in Europe dedicated to films so bad they're good, many of which have been pulled from oblivion by the internet, at times earning them and their protagonists cult status. Nostalgia for the era of low-quality, VHS films, dissatisfaction with mainstream

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