Smokin’ Hot Photog %26 Only 17

Our cover photographer Ann He%26rsquo;s images have been featured in Elle Girl Korea and Vision Magazine, and she counts Nike and America%26rsquo;s Next Top Model among her clients. What else is remarkable about her? Uh, maybe that she%26rsquo;s 17 years old and is a student at Highland Park High School in Dallas. PaperCity sits with He to find out where she shops, what%26rsquo;s on her iPod and what inspired the stunning photo on our cover. Inspiration for our cover shot: %26ldquo;I%26rsquo;ve actually been working on a light painting photo concentration for my high school. Also, a recent visit to the %26ldquo;Youth %26amp; Beauty%26rdquo; exhibition at the DMA made me fall in love with the 1920s, so a combination of those variables and enduring inspiration from Paolo Roversi kind of came together to create this shoot.%26rdquo; Favorite photographers? %26ldquo;Nirrimi Hakanson (Firebrace), whose stories and portraits are simultaneously candid and idealist. Actually, she%26rsquo;s affected the development of my fashion aesthetic immensely, from the rich color hues to the selective capture of those fleeting in-between moments. I also can%26rsquo;t get enough of Paolo Roversi%26rsquo;s editorials from back in the day, when he still shot large-format Polaroids. And Sally Mann has always been one of my favorites.%26rdquo; Favorite stores in Dallas? %26ldquo;Free People, LF Store, Buffalo Exchange.%26rdquo; What inspires you? %26ldquo;Anything and everything %26mdash; art museums, literature, dreams, conversations, films!%26rdquo; Favorite song: Currently, Simple Song by The Shins. First camera you owned: A Canon Rebel, though I became obsessed with 35mm-film SLRs and began collecting them off of eBay. Favorite color: Royal turquoise %26mdash; but it changes with the seasons!

IMAGE: Photographer Ann He. Model Abby Williamson, Wallflower Management. Hair and makeup Al Tidwell, Kim Dawson Agency, Dallas. Styling Lauren Withrow.

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