Sharing Spaces + Change Agent

Liliana Bloch Gallery, 2919 Commerce St., 214.991.5617;

When you%26rsquo;re establishing a new endeavor in Deep Ellum, why not share a building with another well-regarded dealer? So Liliana Bloch joined forces with The Public Trust%26rsquo;s Brian Gibb; the pair divvy up his existing gallery and collaborate on openings. Cue Bloch%26rsquo;s eponymous space. After time spent in both the nonprofit and gallery worlds %26mdash; as director of The McKinney Avenue Contemporary and helming Kirk Hopper Fine Art %26mdash; she steps forth on her own, representing such notables as Letitia Huckaby of the poignant amalgamation of photography and history. For her debut show, Bloch presented %26ldquo;Ann Glazer: Underestimated Storage Issues,%26rdquo; dramatically revealing Dallas- and NYC-based Glazer%26rsquo;s site-specific wall drawing formed from artist%26rsquo;s tape that calls to mind pre-Columbian textiles, as well as the intricacies of household plumbing (through July 6). Now unfurling, Bloch curates %26ldquo;Side Affect,%26rdquo; a prescient look at the policies of the often controversial U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and the influence lobbyists wield vis-%26agrave;-vis pharmaceutical and genetically modified foods. Artists Waddy Armstrong, Mayra Barraza, Tim Best, Sandow Birk, Du Chau, the aforementioned Miz Huckaby, Vince Jones, Mona Kasra, Kathy Lovas and Ryan Sarah Murphy probe the all-powerful FDA, injecting urgency and socio-political purpose into the landscape of the Dallas gallery scene (July 13 %26ndash;%26nbsp;September 7).


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