Self Centered Yet Seductive: Candice Jacobs exhibits at DKUK, Peckham

In the second in a series of changing site-specific artworks at DKUK Candice Jacobs will present Self Centered Yet Seductive an extension of her two part solo exhibition INHALE and EXHALE which originally took place at Project Number, London (Sept/Oct 2014) & continues at Cactus, Liverpool (Jan/Feb 2015). INHALE and EXHALE take their titles from a series of new products launched by a well-known cosmetics company. Jacobs looks at their marketing strategy as a production line for the achievement of femininity, serenity, masculinity and tranquility. She uses these affirmations to explore - via a wide range of media - the structures and strategies employed within affective labour, corporate aesthetics and habitual practices to consider the way their semantic language creates a new sense of collective consciousness driven by advertising, television, the internet, gender and the workplace.

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