“Selections from the Clyde Hensley Collection of East Cuban Art” opens at Upstate Gallery on Main

Upstate Gallery on Main, sponsored by the University of South Carolina Upstate, is presenting “Selections from the Clyde Hensley Collection of East Cuban Art.” The exhibition opened on January 10 and runs through February 23, 2019. During the late 1990s and early 2000s, Clyde Hensley collected over 500 pieces of art from the semiisolated, easternmost region of Cuba called Oriente, formerly referred to as Oriente Province. Upon Hensley's first trip to Oriente as part of a cultural exchange and humanitarian aid project, he found the local artists constrained yet energized by shortages of art supplies and thus creating inspired improvisations. "When I met them," Hensley recalls, "they were painting on sugar and flour bags. They needed supplies. So I began taking them everything I could: canvas, paint, brushes, you name it. These are artists who paint

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