Sean Kelly opens a one-person exhibition of new work by Jose Dávila

Sean Kelly announces Stones Don’t Move, a one-person exhibition of new work by Jose Dávila. This is Dávila’s second exhibition with the gallery. In Stones Don’t Move, Dávila occupies each of the gallery’s three exhibition spaces with a powerful presentation of his signature photographic cutouts, sculptures, and paintings. Expanding upon his career-long investigation into how the modernist movement continues to be interpreted, appropriated, and reinvented, the work on view will address the tenets of architecture, art history, and physical geometry, whilst demonstrating the extensive range of Dávila’s practice. In the front gallery, a selection of mobiles in various colors and sizes have been suspended from the ceiling at different heights, creating an immersive kinetic installation. The works, part of Dávila’s ongoing series entitled Homage to the

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