Ari Medina

2019 Scholarship Winner

The Craighead-Green Fund for the Arts Award – $2,500 – is awarded to Ari Medina. In 2013 the Steven L. Green and Kenneth R. Craighead Jr. Fund for Arts and Education was added and sponsors an annual scholarship in support of young contemporary artists pursuing a career in the arts. The award provides an opportunity to further develop artistic vision through higher education.

This award goes to an artist for excellence in craft and vision. Currently working with a contemporary artist in an in-school artist residency program this person has helped develop a passion for storytelling through visual arts…creating narratives and storyboards influenced by simple everyday relationships and past experiences. This artist thoughtful production of inclusive character designs and openly diverse content is paramount. Pursuing studies in animated arts one day to become art director or head storyboard artist for an animated series at Sony Pictures.


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