Samuel Lynne Galleries: Stephen Knapp

Samuel Lynne Galleries is pleased to announce the representation of acclaimed artist Stephen Knapp.

Knapp is an artist with an aptitude for combining unconventional materials into varying types of art forms, and he has mastered everything from photography to ceramic and glass to etched metal. Knapp was born in 1947 in Worcester, Massachusetts and received his B.A. from Hamilton College in 1969 with a liberal arts education. Knapp started his career as a fine art photographer, but began to experiment with various types of ceramic, mosaic, metal, stone, and glass. Knapp was commissioned for multiple large-scale murals in public and private collections, which led him to the medium of glass and his current passion, lightpaintings.

Knapp’s lightpaintings have experienced an evolutionary process from hanging glass and steel structures to glass bracketed on walls with a single light source. These conceptions are everything which “kinetic” implies–– animated, lively, dynamic, fresh, potent, and endowed without actually having the power to conduct. Throughout his career, Knapp’s work is cutting edge, experimenting with mediums in ways never before used. Through a process of contextualizing, collaborating, and conducting research, Knapp’s lightpaintings incorporate not only his artistic vision, but also the space beyond. These imaginative and inclusive paintings of light and glass have earned Knapp a reputation as one of the foremost artists of our time. He has collaborated with local artisans and factories around the world, in order to achieve the perfect effect with the best materials.

Knapp has been featured in museums and galleries worldwide, with numerous commissions on display in multiple cities, states, and countries. His lightpaintings alone are part of the Butler Institute of American Art, Eckerd Fine Art, the Flint Institute of Arts, and they continue to be shown in new locations today.

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