Saâdane Afif invites the public to compose their own interpretation of his work in exhibition at WIELS

From the 1st February until the 22nd April 2018, the audience will have the opportunity to discover Saâdane Afif’s work and compose its own interpretation inside Studio Paroles, a music studio freely accessible to all. During the first semester of 2018, WIELS presents an overview of Saâdane Afif’s work of the past 15 years. A retrospective with a twist, it explores the process of interpretation and translation that underpins the relationship between art and its audience, a process fundamental to Afif’s practice. Since 2004, he has been commissioning writers and artists to create lyrics inspired by his artworks, which are then exhibited alongside them. These texts have become key material for Afif, verbalizing and embodying what happens in the mind of the beholder. Afif embraces the opportunity of the WIELS exhibition as a moment for production:

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