Rupertinum building reopens and Generali Foundation Study Center inaugurated

In the early seventeenth century, under Archbishop Paris Lodron, the “Collegium Rupertinum” was a seminar for aspiring priests. The spirit of scholarship that has slumbered in the building to which it gave its name is now coming back to life in a center devoted to learning about and expertise in modern and contemporary art. After several months of renovations, the galleries on three levels of the Rupertinum, with a total floor space of 4.300 sq ft, feature a contemporary look and state-of-the-art technology. The redesigned rooms on levels 1 and 2 benefit from more open floor plans and views of the neighboring Salzburg Festival district. On levels 2 and 3, 3.800 sq ft have been allotted to the newly created Generali Foundation Study Center, which houses a specialist library, archives, and an extensive video collection. The facilities also include a reading room with workstations and the Franz West

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