Rosalind Fox Solomon’s fourth solo exhibition with Bruce Silverstein Gallery on view in New York

Concurrent with the release of her latest book Got to Go, Bruce Silverstein Gallery is presenting Rosalind Fox Solomon’s fourth solo exhibition with the gallery. This immersive multimedia installation includes 30 photographs of varied sizes, as well as a three-channel projection with approximately 40 images and audio. The sound component is comprised of a funeral chant mixed with Fox Solomon’s voice and excerpts from Jason Eckardt’s composition, Tongues, performed by Tony Arnold and the International Contemporary Ensemble. Got to Go evokes childhood memories, parents’ frantic voices, and the early imposition of deranged social codes and expectations. Fox Solomon’s environmental installation is jarring, and psychologically freighted. The artist’s narrative overlay contextualizes her bewildering and audacious photographs. Images spanning her career trace a single storyline, a universally relatabl

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