Rodolphe Janssen presents third instalment in a series of exhibitions entitled Fig.

As the third instalment in a series of exhibitions entitled Fig., the exhibition of Marcel Berlanger at Rodolphe Janssen extends a fundamental reflection on the question of the figure in the pictorial work of Marcel Berlanger, which was initiated in 2014 at Emergent (Furnes) and continued in 2015 at ikob, the contemporary Art Museum of the German-speaking Community of Belgium (Eupen), and which will conclude in 2017 at BPS 22 (Charleroi, 2017). The work of Marcel Berlanger, expressing an act that is at once painterly, figurative and installation and stage-oriented, unfolds in multiple dimensions, tirelessly exploring the inclusion of the figure – both its construction and deconstruction – in the space of the image. In continuance of the resonances sought between documents, boards and canvasses that were displayed in the exhibition space of the ikob, the exhibition at rodolphe janssen, in turn, focuses on how the lig

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