Rodeo Gallery opens exhibition of works by Liliane Lijn in its new space in Piraeus

Liliane Lijn (b. 1939, New York) began her practice as a young artist within a male world of kinetics and conceptual art. The kind of work she has become known for, as the result of being affiliated openly and consistently with artists that deal with space, light and matter, stands bold and fresh still today. Although it is language, through poetry and myths, that has lead her work and her philosophy throughout and has been the thread in all her work. As she developed a language of her own during the early years of her career, work after work, Lijn has never stopped experimenting and pushing the limits of her practice. Merging science, technology with poetry, writing and performance, sculpture, video and painting she has built throughout the decades a very dense and coherently diverse corpus. She has always been an ‘un-feminist feminist’, referencing fields

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