Prepare the Table

Yum %26mdash; a veritable feast of some of the foremost images of our shared history has arrived at Fort Worth%26rsquo;s Amon Carter Museum of American Art in %26ldquo;Art and Appetite: American Painting, Culture and Cuisine%26rdquo; (through May 18). From a plentiful turkey dinner %26mdash;%26nbsp;and the indelible symbol of all Thanksgivings %26mdash; in Norman Rockwell%26rsquo;s Freedom from Want (1942) and Wayne Thiebaud%26rsquo;s lineup of lunchroom pies to the ultimate diner scene of all (Edward Hopper%26rsquo;s Nighthawks, 1942), approximately 60 canvases tell the story of 250 years of meals, dining, foodstuff and recipes. Beginning with colonial times through the Victorian era%26rsquo;s groaning banquets, Jazz Age cocktails and Warhol%26rsquo;s Pop-defining Campbell%26rsquo;s Soup can, foodies, historians and denizens of American art will find much to savor.

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