Plush Gallery

Keys to the Door: Owner/director/provocateur Randall Garrett.
Who%26rsquo;s Showing: He%26rsquo;s back: After an 18-month hiatus in New Mexico, Randall Garrett returns to the Texas scene to shake up the status quo. This time he%26rsquo;s taken up residence in the Design District, infiltrating collector and pal Gary Cunningham%26rsquo;s architectural practice on Dragon with an 800-square-foot outpost (open Thursday through Saturday, noon to 5 pm) for the edgy and destined to be important. This artist-turned-dealer, whose original, ungentrified near-downtown Plush incarnation was the most avant-garde space in town in the early 2000s, has a risk-taking eagle eye; he%26rsquo;s a savvy veteran of innumerable national art fairs and serves as a fearless incubator for Texas and domestic talent (Teresa O%26rsquo;Connor and Donna Huanca were both Plush discoveries). %26ldquo;I like art that makes good use of the traditional media, but goes beyond it to be fresh, and keep on giving back to you,%26rdquo; Garrett says of his curatorial practice. This aesthetic is clearly evidenced in this month%26rsquo;s showing of a trio %26mdash; Kat Ryals, C.J. Davis and Brian Ryden %26mdash; who emit new energy in the media of, respectively, photography, sculpture and painting (January 22 %26ndash; February 19). Collectors, take notice. 918 Dragon St. (in the studio of Cunningham Architects), 214.915.0925;

Image: Plush Gallery%26rsquo;s Randall Garrett. Photo by Michael Wynne.

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