Pierre Soulages and the Aveyron: Interview with Pierre Soulages

I have two birthplaces: Rodez and contemporary pain- ting. I spent my childhood and my teenage years in the Rouergue. A province I love. My father was a coachbuilder, he manufactured horse-drawn carriages. I was 5 when he died. So, I grew up with two mothers: my real mother, AglaƩ, and my sister, who was fifteen years ol- der than me, and who also was my philosophy teacher when I was in high school. My mother was a woman of the old days, she could barely write but knew how to read. After my father's death, she ran a ''hunting-fishing-rigging'' shop. When I was 19, I went to Paris and then to Montpellier. But when I was a teen in Rodez, I had already discovered a reproduction of a cave painting, the Altamira bison, in a history book. It was as though a whole part of art had been revealed to me, as though I was questioning everything that had been made since the origin of mankind.

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