PC Acquire: Photographer Talya Arbisser

She%26rsquo;s a modern-day Ophelia who completely caught our eye and garnered the first-place prize (and a significant cash award) at the Visual Arts Alliance%26rsquo;s 30th Anniversary Show this past fall. So we bring you this image%26rsquo;s creator, July%26rsquo;s PC Acquire talent: Talya Arbisser, a bright light and rising star of the photo firmament. This 20-something Cornell grad did post-grad work at the influential International Center for Photography (ICP) in Manhattan. She turned her lens on the developmentally challenged child Noa, embarking on a 10-year study of the luminous moments and challenges of a special-needs young lady. Three years into the project, Arbisser%26rsquo;s image Floating, June 28, 2012, highlighted a spark of soul and incandescence that revealed the sensitivity and intelligence of the then seven-year-old as she floated face up in natural springs at her mother%26rsquo;s feet, seemingly basking in a pure moment of reverie. Noa typifies Arbisser%26rsquo;s talent for capturing the spirit of her subjects, depicting more than surface and transmitting nuanced psychological states. This is not perhaps surprising for the granddaughter of America%26rsquo;s mother of media psychology %26mdash; Dr. Joyce Brothers, who was the authority on topics from the familiar and familial to the taboo long before Dr. Phil. (Arbisser is the keeper of her grandmother%26rsquo;s flame, maintaining her Facebook page and answering queries from fans and ollowers after Brothers%26rsquo; passing this May.) Watch for Arbisser%26rsquo;s dual turns at FotoFest 2014, including new works recording her paternal grandparents who reside in Houston, portraits that will be shown at the Jewish Community Center come next March. Browse through the limited-edition works in the %26ldquo;Seeing with Hands: Noa%26rdquo; series curated for PaperCity collectors here. Archival 11-by-17-inch pigment prints on luster paper, offered in an edition of 18 plus two artist proofs; $350 unframed. Inquiries Seth Vaughan, seth@papercitymag.com.


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