PC Acquire

Texas talent Jane Eifler, best known as a painter, steps out to play with collage for this month%26rsquo;s PC Acquire. Her second-generation images are seamlessly applied to PVC substrate, each one unique and culled from a curated collection of beauty and fashion ads clipped from magazines (PaperCity is a fave), posh catalogs and other ephemera. Eifler is a master of the minimal, leaving space and air to float and swirl around her torn pages. Shown last fall in both a solo at Lawndale Art Center and in McClain Gallery%26rsquo;s painting survey curated by Aaron Parazette, she opens this month at longtime dealer McMurtrey Gallery in a group view about the art of collage. Eifler is poised at this juncture%26mdash;%26nbsp;after a stint at Vogue magazine where she began her career, a distinguished 20-year period teaching art at St. John%26rsquo;s and a return to college for her MFA %26mdash; with important things to say about the language of abstraction and the primacy and beauty of our image-saturated media. Second-generation unique paper collages on PVC substrate, 40x30 inches, $2,300. Inquiries Seth Vaughan, seth@papercitymag.com. For the complete collection, papercitymag.com/Arts.

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