Papermania!, Bleicke Bleicken, and highlights from its collection on view at Museum Kunst der Westküste

The exhibition Papermania! brings together ten international artists whose works have two things in common: on the one hand their support, paper, whose materiality allows for tremendous artistic variety, and on the other the subjects of “sea and coast” and “travel and nature.” Brittle-seeming, small-scale works and richly detailed narrative scenes, such as paper travel objects in miniature, compete with expansive installations, paper cuts, sculptures, and videos. Swarms of moths, designed by Carlos Amorales, cover the high walls and, in a projection, evoke Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds.” A shipwreck that most recently put out to sea from Rostock along with its builder, Frank Bölter, has now found its berth at the museum. In fascinating ways viewers get to see how the material can be perceived as sometimes tender and fragile, sometimes sturdy and rough and at the same time highly resistant. The artists included in the exhibition

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